Hog Wild Saloon owners surrender liquor license

Matthew Lane • May 16, 2018 at 8:29 AM

KINGSPORT — The owners of the Hog Wild Saloon have agreed to surrender the business' liquor license.

Earlier this year, a deadly shooting took place at the saloon. During the ensuing investigation, inspectors discovered numerous safety code violations within the building, including a leaking roof, water running into electrical fixtures, a disabled sprinkler system and gasoline stored in the building.

As a result, Kingsport pulled the power and gas meter from the building and decreed the business could not reopen until all of the problems were fixed.


Soon after the shooting took place, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission launched an investigation to determine whether to revoke the liquor license. On March 19, the TABC suspended the saloon's liquor license pending a later hearing seeking its revocation.

However, according to an order filed with the commission last month, the owners of the Hog Wild Saloon agreed to surrender the liquor license. The owners also agree that for the next 10 months the TABC would not issue a liquor license to the saloon or anyone having any interest in the saloon.


The Kingsport Beer Board met earlier this month and discussed the situation at the Hog Wild Saloon. On May 7, the board sent notice to the owners that a show cause hearing would be held later this month to determine whether to revoke the business' beer permit.

According to City Clerk Angie Marshall, the owners have the option to turn in the beer permit and forgo the hearing.

Kingsport's building department confirmed no permits have been pulled for renovation work at the Hog Wild Saloon, while Kingsport Fire Marshal Robert Sluss said he has not been asked to inspect the building to see if any of the code violations have been addressed.