Voters come out strong in Wilson County General Election

Sinclaire Sparkman • Aug 2, 2018 at 10:14 PM

Thousands of voters made their way to the polls for the Aug. 2 Wilson County General Election and state and federal primaries.

Early voting finished strong with a total of 17,473 votes through the three-week period. With 12,983 votes cast on Election Day, a grand total of 30,456 votes were cast in Wilson County and 37 percent of local voters made it to the polls. For the Wilson County General Election, the polls haven't seen 37 percent for the past three similar elections. 

“We had a terrific turnout. It’s more than the last election of this type. We’ve had great voters this year, and I’m really happy to see that in Wilson County,” said Phillip Warren, administrator of elections.

Four years ago, the race for Wilson County mayor was uncontested and drew 18,250 voters. The governor’s race in 2014 drew 15,725 votes in Wilson County. The last contested mayoral race in Wilson County, between Don Fox, Randall Hutto and Warren in 2010, drew 22,595 votes.

In Thursday’s Wilson County General Election, voters cast 29,803 ballots in the mayoral race between Hutto, the incumbent, and Mae Beavers.

Wilson County voters cast 22,104 Republican ballots and 7,732 Democrat ballots in the primary for governor.

In the U.S. Senate race, 21,323 Republican ballots were cast and 7,733 Democrat ballots were cast in Wilson County.

For the U.S. House of Representatives District 6, local Republicans cast 20,508 ballots and local Democrats cast 6,843 ballots.

In the Tennessee Senate District 17 race, local voters cast 19,806 Republican ballots and 7,033 Democrat ballots.

Wilson County voters cast 7,958 Republican ballots and 2,493 Democrat ballots in the Tennessee House of Representatives race for District 46.

In the Tennessee House of Representatives District 57 race, local voters cast 13,244 Republican ballots and 4,343 Democrat ballots.

For state executive committeeman and committeewoman, Wilson County voters cast 35,782 Republican Ballots and 13,622 democrat ballots. 

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