Two county commission races end all tied up

Sinclaire Sparkman • Aug 2, 2018 at 10:23 PM

With 25 districts, 18 contested races and 43 candidates, the race for seats on the Wilson County Commission all but done for the next four years – except for District 1 and District 6, which tied Thursday after the unofficial vote count was tallied in the Wilson County General Election.

Robert Fields and Tim Roehler both received 526 votes in District 1. Both Fields and Roehler seek to replace Commissioner Becky Siever, who chose not to seek re-election. Kevin Graves and incumbent Kenny Reich both received 571 votes in District 6.

Provisional ballots could break the tie when the election is certified Wednesday, or if the tie remains, it could be up to the Wilson County Commission to decide what to do. Administrator of Elections Phillip Warren said Friday that District 1 has two provisional ballots. The two provisional ballots cast will be researched to determine whether the votes are counted and unsealed Wednesday to possibly determine the outcome of the race. If neither count nor both count and are split between the two candidates, the race remains a tie. It’s also possible both could count but neither voter cast a ballot in the race.

District 6 didn’t have any provisional ballots, so it will remain a tie until it’s broken.  

According to Wilson County attorney Mike Jennings, state law dictates the Wilson County Commission could opt to cast the deciding vote or the race could be placed on the Nov. 6 ballot as a runoff. Jennings said a decision would be made after Wednesday when the election is certified.

“I’m shocked by the results, I was prepared for a win or a loss but not a tie. From what I’ve been told, it’s up to county commission up to decide if there will be runoff. I’m just in wait and see mode right now,” Roehler said.

Graves declined to comment.

In District 8, Kevin Costley upset incumbent Frank Bush with a difference of 19 votes. Neither candidate could be reached for comment.

Here are results in the other commission races:

District 2

Cyndi Bannach defeated Howard Blaydes and Jeff Hartline with 404 votes. Blaydes received 121 votes and Hartline got 354 votes.

District 3

Bobby Franklin was the uncontested incumbent and received 1,194 votes.

District 4

Incumbent Chad Barnard defeated Ken Shorey with 919 votes to 431 votes.

District 5

Incumbent Jerry McFarland defeated Bill Jones with 957 votes to 515 votes.

District 7

Terry Scruggs was the uncontested incumbent and received 931 votes.

District 9

Sara Patton was the uncontested incumbent with 923 votes.

District 10

Incumbent Daniel R. Walker Jr. defeated Stephen Thomas with 634 votes to 424 votes.

District 11

John Gentry was the uncontested incumbent and received 1,633 votes.

District 12

Terry Ashe was the uncontested incumbent and received 979 votes.

District 13

Incumbent Sonja Robinson defeated Philip Delozier and Dallas R. Farmer with 725 votes. Delozier received 421 votes, and Farmer got 137 votes.

District 14

Tommy Jones defeated Bob Clarke and Michael Ramsey with 637 votes. Clarke received 252 votes, and Ramsey got 212.

District 15

Chris Dowell defeated Charmaine H. Major with 731 votes to 221 votes. Dowell will replace Commissioner Mike Justice, who chose not to seek re-election.

District 16

Incumbent Diane G. Weathers defeated Todd Almond with 618 votes to 389 votes.

District 17

Gary Keith was the uncontested incumbent and received 1,089 votes.

District 18

Lauren Breeze defeated Bob Richie with 645 votes to 508 votes. Breeze will replace Commissioner Terry Muncher, who chose not to seek re-election.

District 19

William Glover was the uncontested incumbent and received 788 votes.

District 20

Incumbent Annette Davis-Stafford defeated Michael Anthony Neal with 244 to 181 votes.

District 21

Mike Kurtz defeated Eugene Murray with 396 votes to 237 votes. Kurtz will replace Commissioner Cindy Brown, who chose not to seek re-election.

District 22

Incumbent Wendell Marlowe defeated Matt Wilson, Henry Jackson and John Jankowich with 318 votes. Jackson got 133 votes, Jankowich got 246 votes, Wilson got 256 votes.

District 23

Incumbent Sue Vanatta defeated Billy King with 1,159 votes to 513 votes.

 District 24

Incumbent Joy Bishop defeated Kristi Galligan 483 votes to 368 votes.

District 25

Justin Smith defeated John Wayne Hamblen, Arlie Bragg and Preston George with 837 votes. Bragg got 98 votes, George got 300 votes and Hamblen got 257 votes. Smith will replace Commissioner Jim Emberton, who chose not to seek re-election.

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