Major announces bid for District 15

Staff Reports • Updated Jul 14, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Charmaine Major announced her candidacy for the District 15 Wilson County commissioner seat in the Aug. 2 Wilson County General Election. 

“I promise to represent District 15 and the county commission with integrity and honesty and above all commitment,” Major said. 

Major said she’s lived in Wilson County most of her life and witnessed a significant amount of growth and change during that time. 

“I was educated in Wilson County and currently hold a degree in accounting,” she said. “I once had the privilege of serving as the first full-time city recorder and finance director for the city of Mt. Juliet, charged with preparing and balancing annual budgets not only for the entire city, but also department by department. With this experience, I gained the knowledge of what it takes to prepare and balance a budget and ensure tax dollars are spent for the betterment of all citizens. As the commissioner for District 15, I will be able to use this experience and knowledge to ensure that citizens of the district are represented equally. Let them know they have a voice, and their voice is important and being heard.  

Major said she’s lived worked and raised her children in Wilson County. She also has five grandchildren, one of whom attends school in Wilson County. 

“The future decisions of the commission will ensure she and every other student in Wilson County receives the very best education of any county in the state of Tennessee,” Major said. “As a citizen and taxpayer, I want to ensure your tax dollars are spent for the betterment of all citizens, parents and grandparents and especially the future of our county, our youth. 

Major encouraged voters to do their homework on candidates involved in the upcoming election.

“As early voting approaches Friday, I ask that you take the time to vote,” Major said. “Every vote is important and every vote counts. Take time to study the ballot, know the candidates running in all the offices and choose the one who will be there for you, listen to your concerns and make a difference. I am the candidate who will be your voice, represent you, the citizens of District 15.  

“If elected, I plan to hold regular meetings so that you are informed on what is going on within the county, where you will be able to voice your opinions and allow me to take those opinions back to the commission to be heard and considered. Every resident has a right to know first-hand where the tax dollars are going and how it may or may not affect them; not just read about it days or weeks later. I always said, ‘don’t complain unless you get involved, and that is exactly my intention by running for commissioner. I want to be involved, and I need your help to make this happen. A vote for me is a vote for you, the taxpayer and concerned resident of District 15.  

District 15 Commissioner Mike Justice decided not to seek re-election, and two candidates – Major and Chris Dowell – qualified to run for the seat in the Aug. 2 Wilson County General Election. Early voting will be Friday through July 28.

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