District 4 candidates seek Wilson County Commission seat

Staff Reports • Jul 13, 2018 at 3:44 PM

The Aug. 2 Wilson County General Election features 43 total candidates who seek to fill seats on the Wilson County Commission in 18 contested races. 

Commissioners were uncontested for seven of the 25 total seats on the commission. They are Bobby Franklin in District 3, Terry Scruggs in District 7, Sara Patton in District 9, John Gentry in District 11, Terry Ashe in District 12, Gary Keith in District 17 and William Glover in District 19. Eight commissioners opted not to seek re-election.

The Democrat sent questionnaires to each commission candidate in the contested races, along with requests for biographical information. The following are the candidates’ answers and information about them:

District 4

Two candidates qualified to run for the District 4 seat. They are incumbent Commissioner Chad Barnard and challenger Ken Shorey. 

Shorey is married to Holly Vergara Shorey, and they have a son Tucker Coburn Shorey, 7. They are members of the Bridge Fellowship. He has worked as an active real estate agent for two years and as a homebuilder and developer for more than 16 years. 

What prompted you to seek office? Was it a personal initiative or did others encourage you?

Barnard:After living in the community all of my life, I felt the need to serve. It was my own personal desire to contribute to the community, along with the encouragement of others that prompted me to run for the District 4 commissioner’s seat.

Shorey:Residents within my Spence Creek community urged me to seek office in order to have a resident represent the interests of our community.

What are the most important issues in your race, and how do you plan to address them? 

Barnard:All of the county departments have needs. I feel it is important that we try to provide balance so that everyone’s needs are met while being careful with the taxpayers’ dollars.

Shorey:Smart growth and safety in regards to State Route 109.

Think of our county 20 years from now. Name three things that must be addressed now to make it better for the children of this county. 

Barnard:The main thing that I see needs to be addressed is the growth the county is experiencing and the impact that has on our schools, our law enforcement and all other county departments.  This growth doesn’t always pay for itself, so we need to look at our impact fees and other options to offset some of the increasing cost.

Shorey:Responsible growth and infrastructure that can support that growth, schools and transportation.

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