Wilson County earns broadband-ready status

Matt Masters • Jul 30, 2018 at 3:42 PM

The Wilson County Cable TV Committee met Wednesday to discuss the Public, Educational and Government access channel, city documentation on YouTube and an effort to streamline email services.

The committee filled out paperwork to become a broadband-ready community during the meeting, and Friday, committee chair Dan Walker announced Wilson County is officially a broadband-ready community. This is a part of a statewide effort to bring greater broadband access and infrastructure to rural areas.

Tressa Bush, manger of the PEG channel, showed off the county’s YouTube channel “Wilson County TN,” which has dozens of videos from coverage of county meetings to tourism and history videos. The committee praised the professional-quality videos that were responsible in part by a team of Wilson Central High School student interns who are involved to shoot, produce and edit the videos.

Bush also said the Public, Educational and Government access channel, known as the PEG channel, will be re-branded as “Wilson County Television.”

Walker also introduced a resolution that was passed unanimously that said incoming Wilson County commissioners would have access to Microsoft Outlook’s email service to get all county employees on a unified email service with the same domain name.

The option to cancel the subscriptions to Microsoft Office for some county employees in favor of access to only Microsoft Outlook email services was also discussed to save money.

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