Letter to the Editor: They’re not coming for you, but you do need to vote

Staff Reports • Updated Oct 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM

To the Editor:

David Clark’s letter to the editor titled “When will they come for you?” (Oct. 9-10) contains a grossly inaccurate paraphrase of Martin Niemoller’s words when he spoke out against the Nazis in the 1930s. 

The government has not “come for the poor” in the U.S. Many government programs and private charities help the poor. So does my church as do many others in Wilson County. 

I agree the government is coming after what Mr. Clark euphemistically calls the “undocumented immigrant,” and rightly so. In plain talk, an “undocumented immigrant” is a person who illegally enters this country and is not entitled to the benefits of citizenship that legal immigrants receive. 

No one is coming after the “people of color” in the U.S., with the possible exception of other people of color who disproportionately kill their own race in Chicago, Baltimore and other cities. We have people of color holding high federal, state and local political offices, as well as many professions. They dominate the world of sports and are also well represented in the entertainment and other industries.   

And the charge that the powers that run this country are coming after women would be laughable if it were not so patently false. Women are not a minority, and many have succeeded in commerce, government, entertainment and sports. One of the major issues with feminists in the U.S., however, is their right to abortion. So they are indeed coming after the unborn babies.   

Who did the Nazi’s come after? Communists and socialists, whose parties thrive in the U.S. They also came after “incurable patients,” a class that included insane people and what we would now call people with disabilities or special needs. That’s because Nazis believed in eugenics, which, in blunt terms, means segregating, neutering or killing such people so they can’t reproduce. Finally, they came after Jews, Slavs and others they regarded as inferior humans. The Nazis destroyed these people’s businesses and farms then sent them to concentration camps where they were worked to death or executed. The claim this is happening in the U.S. is certifiably false.

I do agree that all citizens should vote but not for the false reasons given by Mr. Clark.

Ward R. Malisch



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