Nashville kingpin pleads guilty to distributing more than 100 kilograms of Molly

Staff Reports • Feb 23, 2018 at 2:54 PM

Terrence Deon Reames, also known as Santos, 40, of Nashville, pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court to charges of operating a continuing criminal enterprise and money laundering conspiracy related to the illegal importation and distribution of methylone and ethlyone or “Molly.”

Molly is a stimulant psychoactive drug primarily for recreational use. Effects include increased empathy, euphoria and heightened sensations.

A federal grand jury indicted Reames on May 24.

According to court documents, Reames operated the criminal enterprise from May 2011 through August 2014, during which time he received more than 100 kilograms of Molly from a source in China and conspired with and supervised at least five other people while distributing the drugs in the Nashville area. Prior to this time, Molly was a relatively unknown drug in the Nashville area but became widely available after Reames began distributing substantial quantites of the drug.

Court documents also outline the methods used by Reames to recruit distributors and communicate with the source in China, including using encrypted communications, when discussing price, quantity or quality of the controlled substances and shipment and payment methods. Reames provided the source with the names, including the name of a dead relative, and addresses to ship to through the U.S Postal Service and international shipping companies. The controlled substances were subsequently shipped to addresses in and around Nashville and Riverdale, Georgia. Reames also arranged for the transfer of funds by others, that totaled about $300,000 to Chinese bank accounts and wire transfers to people in China. He also provided cash to the people to use for the transactions.

Reames used his Georgia home to re-package the Molly for distribution. There, he and his subordinates would breakdown kilograms of Molly and package it into capsules for distribution. Each kilogram of Molly produced about 1,000 capsules. Reames also had multiple guns at his home, including AR-style rifles, handguns and a sawed-off shotgun, which he kept to protect his drug-related assets and defend against drug-related robberies.

According to the plea agreement, Reames agreed to face a 20-year prison sentence and a $1 million forfeiture judgment when he is sentenced June 8.


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