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Amputee Walking Schools

Caitlin Ring • Aug 30, 2017 at 6:49 PM

Many participants showed up to the Quality Centers for Rehabilitation and Healing in Lebanon for the official opening of the Amputee Walking School on Wednesday.

This program is meant to evaluate all of the participants and offer help to give them better education, teach them exercise instructions, and offer support. The school is also an opportunity to teach physical therapists how to better work with amputees.

The program is free and will be funded by Care Rite, a nationwide network of nurses with four other locations of rehabilitation and healing centers in Middle Tennessee. The funding will also be helped by partners and co-founders, Dennis Oehler and Todd Schaffhauser, who are also amputees and Paralympic Gold Medalists of international track and field events. They have been partnered with Care Rite for about thirty years and helped put together the amputee schools. They also serve as coaches of the schools.

The schooling is free because the majority of people are not able to be covered because of insurance issues or other reasons. The founders of this school have put all of these events together, because many amputees are sent home after operations without being taught or told how to use their prosthetics. The school seeks to give all of the participants a better understanding of how to use their prosthetics and make the amputees feel comfortable.

The free programs will be open to all individuals with leg amputations, along with local community therapists who are interested and can earn free Continuation Education Point.

Other dates of the events are Sept. 25, Nov. 6, Dec. 11, and Jan. 29. All event times will be from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Some dates and times may change. Due to limited space, interested parties may RSVP at Pheonix Physical Therapy or contact Brent Jarreau at bjarreau@qualitycenterrehab.com or 615-630-1657. Pheonix Physical Therapy, 101 Physicians Way in Lebanon.

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