Tenth straight day of 1,000-plus COVID-19 infections for Tennessee

Mike Still • Jul 5, 2020 at 8:40 PM

Sunday marked 10 straight days of 1,000-plus daily COVID-19 case counts in Tennessee.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health webpage (www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov), 1,291 new cases and nine deaths were reported statewide in Sunday’s data, putting pandemic total cases and deaths at 51,431 and 646.

Sunday’s increase also marks the state’s 11th day of more than 1,000 daily cases during the pandemic.

In Northeast Tennessee, Washington County posted the highest one-day increase in the region with 16 cases for a pandemic total of 165 and no deaths.

Carter and Greene counties each posted two new cases, for totals of 59 and one death for Carter and 103 cases and two deaths for Greene.

Hawkins and Sullivan counties each added one new case, for 57 and two deaths in Hawkins and 117 and two deaths in Sullivan.

Johnson and Unicoi counties saw no new cases in Sunday’s report, for totals of 44 and 55 respectively and no deaths in either county.

Statewide, total testing stood at 895,796, for 13.11% of the state’s population of 6.83. Of total tests to date, 59,768 have been positive for COVID-19 and 836,028 negative.

In Northeast Tennessee, Sunday’s testing results by county stood at:

— Hawkins, 3,188 (76 positive, 3,112 negative) of 56,786 residents, or 5.61%.

— Sullivan, 7,637 (122 positive, 7,515 negative) of 158,348, or 4.82%.

— Washington, 7,394 (189 positive, 7,205 negative) of 129,375, or 5.72%.

— Johnson, 2,648 (45 positive, 2,603 negative) of 17,788, or 14.89%.

— Carter, 3,176 (62 positive, 3,114 negative) of 56,391, or 5.63%.

— Greene, 4,123 (110 positive, 4,013 negative) of 69,069, or 5.97%.

— Unicoi, 1,477 (61 positive, 1,416 negative) of 17,883, or 8.26%.

According to the Virginia Department of Health’s tracking webpage (www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus), the LENOWISCO Health District added another four new cases for 60 and four deaths. Lee County posted three of the cases for 15 and no deaths. Scott County added one case for 11 and two deaths. Wise County remained at 30 cases and two deaths and Norton at four cases and no deaths.

Statewide, Virginia reported a pandemic total of 65,748 cases and 1,853 deaths Sunday — increases of 639 and four, respectively. The statewide testing rate for people with nasal swab and blood tests was 782,984 of 8.63 million state residents, or 9.07%. For nasal swab testing only, 706,588 people have been tested to date, or 8.19%.

In the LENOWISCO district, according to Sunday’s online data, 3,780 of the district’s population of 86,471have been tested via nasal swab sample for COVID-19, or 4.37%.

Testing rates by county and city in the LENOWISCO district for July 4 were:

— Lee County, 796 of 23,423, or 3.4%.

— Norton, 480 of 3,981, or 12.06%.

— Wise County, 1,504 of 37,383, or 4.02%.

— Scott County, 913 of 21,566, or 4.23%.

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