Northeast Tennessee reports two new COVID-19 cases

Mike Still • May 20, 2020 at 4:44 PM

Sullivan and Washington counties each added a confirmed COVID-19 case to their pandemic totals Wednesday.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health (www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov), Sullivan County’s case total rose to 58 in addition to two deaths during the pandemic. Washington County’s case total stood at 71 and no deaths.

Hawkins County saw no change in Wednesday’s report, with 31 cases and two deaths during the pandemic. Carter County remained at 19 cases and one death, and Greene County stayed at 46 cases and one death.

Johnson and Unicoi counties stood at 15 and three cases, respectively.

In Southwest Virginia’s LENOWISCO Health District, total COVID-19 cases and deaths remained at 42 and four for the pandemic, according to the Virginia Department of Health (www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus). Wise County remained at 23 cases and two deaths, while Scott County stayed at seven cases and two deaths.

Lee County held level at 10 COVID-19 cases and no deaths, and Norton held at two cases and no deaths.

Across Tennessee, 18,532 total cases and 309 deaths were reported Wednesday, for increases of 154 and four, respectively. The statewide testing rate was 5.18% or 354,013 of 6.83 million state residents. Testing rates for Northeast Tennessee counties were

— Hawkins, 1,342 or 2.36%

— Sullivan, 3,427 or 2.16%

— Washington, 2,812 or 2.17%

— Johnson, 1,876 or 10.55%

— Carter, 1,203 or 2.13%

— Greene, 1,629 or 2.36%

— Unicoi, 394 or 2.2% 

In Virginia, the statewide testing rate was 2.735, or 235,199 of 8.63 million state residents, based on numbers of PCR swab virus tests and serology antibody tests. Based on swab tests only, the statewide rate was 2.33% or 210,965 people. The VDH now reports testing by ZIP code based only on numbers of the swab tests on its tracking webpage.

The testing rate for swab tests in the LENOWISCO district was 1,571 people of 86,471 district residents, or 1.82%. Rates by locality were:

— Lee County, 348 or 1.49%

— Norton, 73 or 1.83%

— Wise County, 767 or 2.05% 

— Scott County, 385 or 1.79%