Lebanon, Mt. Juliet officials talk Project Goliath

Jacob Smith • Jul 5, 2018 at 6:12 PM

The Wilson County Joint Economic and Community Development Board Executive Committee discussed a potential upcoming project called Project Goliath.

According to G.C. Hixson, Joint Economic and Community Development executive director, the project is about making the interchange at Interstate 840 in Lebanon more of a “functional” interchange.

“Certainly, the city has done some initial work, and the developer has interest in it,” said Hixson. “I think we’re at the point where the city needs to spend maybe $7,500 to look at the real options.”

Hixson pointed out the Tennessee Central Economic Authority designates a specific amount of money to each city for economic activities.

“That money has been used on the Under Armour facility in Mt. Juliet several years ago,” said Hixson. “So, the cities have the authority to access a certain amount of funds set aside each year.”

According to Hixson, Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash indicated he would like to spend money on the initial study for the project.

Hixson further explained the project is designed to create and maintain jobs in the area, but it could also be used for industrial and other purposes, as well, if it is developed correctly.

The committee unanimously approved the proposal.

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