PEG channel tunes in to Wilson County character

Sinclaire Sparkman • Updated Jun 28, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Wilson County will soon have its own PEG channel, WCTV, to produce programs featuring significant happenings and unique aspects across the county. 

“The PEG channel is going to be a great attribute not only for the citizens of Wilson County, but also for those that will want to come to Wilson County. We feel like it’s an educational tool both on the tourism side, for those who maybe want to learn a little more about the county, and on citizen side for those who want to keep up with what’s going on in the government,” said Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto. 

Tressa Bush, manager of the PEG channel, was hired by the county and began filming earlier this year. She hopes to have enough local content ready to start broadcasting by September, though that date is not set in stone. 

“The programs we produce will be what’s called non-commercial. They will feature services, programs and events that are happening in Wilson County, as well as some entertaining shows like Walkin’ thru Wilson, WilCo on the Go and Tatum Talk,” Bush said. “Wilson County Television, WCTV, channel is a public, educational and governmental channel, or PEG for short. These channels are given to franchise holders by cable companies.”

“Walkin’ thru Wilson” will show various points of Wilson County history with local experts like Lebanon historian Rick Bell, county archivist Linda Grandstaff and county historian Jerry McFarland, as well as interviews with residents who have lived in the area for a long time. Artifacts from county archives, museums, private collectors and other interesting tidbits will be featured on the show. 

Tourism director Amy Nichols will produce a show called “WilCo on the Go,” in which she and a guest will highlight various points of interest throughout the county. 

Judge Barry Tatum will talk one-on-one with interesting and connected Wilson County people in the show, “Tatum Talk.” 

WCTV also plans to broadcast several county meetings, including monthly Wilson County Commission meetings, which will be live, along with budget and education committees, which will be recorded. WCTV currently has some videos up on YouTube, and will stream the channel on Facebook, as well. 

“I’ve had a couple studios in the past, and we just felt like if we had our own independent channel, we could put a lot of products on there that would be good for everybody. It’s just something that can benefit everyone,” McFarland said.

Bush doesn’t do it all alone. She has help from a team of interns from Wilson Central High School. Alex Pulley, Kyle Pulley, Dakota Russ, Seth Sanders, Alex Neill and Guy Pinnell are all enrolled in the television production class at Wilson Central and help with the PEG channel production as student interns. 

“I’ve been around a lot of student interns in my career, and these are among the most talented I’ve ever seen. Their instructors are doing a great job preparing them for a career in the media. I’d hire them all if I could,” Bush said. 

WCTV student interns will most likely help throughout the year, especially during the live broadcasts. 

WCTV will be available on AT&T channel 99 and Charter channel 198, taking over the City of Lebanon’s channel. Stay tuned for the exact broadcast start date.

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