Mt. Juliet City Commission honors young residents

Jacob Smith • Apr 10, 2018 at 6:16 PM

The Mt. Juliet City Commission recognized two teen residents who saved a 3-year-old girl from a truck hitting her at its meeting Monday night.

Dalaurence Holland, 15, and Zech Krnjaic, 13, were sitting on Krnjai’s front porch when they saw a figure run out of the tree line.

“I called 911,” said Krnjaic. “We thought it was a ghost or something. Her onesie was flapping in the wind behind her.”

Holland decided to chase after the figure before he realized it was a little girl.

“When I saw it, I thought it was a fox or some other kind of animal,” he said. “I didn’t want anything to end up dead.”

About the time the two teens discovered it was a little girl, they realized she was running into the road, and a truck was coming her way.

“We just jumped out in front of the truck. We didn’t look both ways, we just jumped,” said Krnjaic. “We put or lives on the line to save that girl.”
The teens saved the young girl from being hit by the truck, and Mt. Juliet police officers interviewed her guardians.

Holland said they did eventually get a chance to meet the girl’s mother.

“The little girl made it home safely,” said Holland. “We got to meet the mom and the little girl, that was a great honor to meet the mom, and she thanked us It was a great moment.”

Mt. Juliet Mayor Ed Hagerty issued a proclamation that declared April 9 Dalaurence Holland and Zech Krnjaic Day in the city.

“They are true hometown heroes, and Mt. Juliet is a better place to live because of them,” said Hagerty.

In other business, District 4 Commissioner Brian Abston spoke on an issue that involved the city’s gun stores, specifically nRange in Mt. Juliet.

“If you remember a few weeks ago, we brought this up, and we were going to do a new ordinance and try to change the zoning laws to make it where an owner of a gun store, or store that sells weapons, had to have some kind of bars, or roll up windows or something on there to protect it,” said Abston. “Really, this whole thing came up because of one particular store, nRange, that has been broken into multiple times and pretty much just refused to do anything.”

Abston went on to explain the city couldn’t require bars through an ordinance, but a change would have to be made through the city code.

“Well, we’ve run into a bit a snag there, as well, so I am going to ask for a deferral so we can continue to do a little bit more research, find out a little bit more on what we would need to do to proceed, so that’s the bad news,” said Abston. “The good news is that the one that was creating all these problems, as of last week went out of business.”
According to Abston, almost every gun store within the city was cooperative with the city’s idea to put bars or another type of guard on the windows, besides nRange.

“Things tend to work themselves out,” said Abston. “If it sounds like I’m trashing them, I am, on purpose. The ones who did not want to do things right, they’d always mention, ‘Oh, it’s too much money.’ I guess they thought that was more important than people’s safety.”

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