City Council discusses codes at work session

Jacob Smith • Mar 9, 2018 at 3:00 PM

The Lebanon City Council discussed city codes at a work session Thursday night.

Ward five councilman Tick Bryan called the meeting at another work session last week to go over some pressing matters.

Bryan wanted to know what the procedure is when somebody calls the codes department and also why it sometimes can take several months for an issue to be resolved even when the codes department and city council has been made aware of it.

City attorney Andy Wright explained that state law sometimes requires certain procedures to be followed before any action can be taken, using the example of a mattress left out in a front yard. Some of these procedures can take time.

“We actually have a couple of different remedies we can use in those situations,” said Wright. “We can go the citation route, which basically gives them another 30 days [the mattress] can sit out there before it goes to court, and if it’s moved on the 29th day and they go to court on the 30th day the judge is going to dismiss it.”

Wright also explained that for government employees to go on private property, a 10-day notice to the owners of the property must be issued.

Ward three city councilman Rob Cesternino spoke about the need for informing the residents of the city of the processes that have to take place.

“I think it starts with the reporting process and us saying that within 48 to 72 hours of receiving a complaint we will generate a phone call to the citizen that it’s been received, that we’re moving on it, and then also there’s got to be a global strategy,” Cesternino said.

“I know a lot of people that do call, they expect instantaneous gratification,” said Bryan. “They don’t understand the process, but that needs to be explained to them when they call.”

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