WEMA crews attend training

Jacob Smith • Feb 9, 2018 at 1:06 PM

Members of the Wilson County Emergency Management Agency’s A-shift attended training Friday at WEMA headquarters.

According to WEMA director Joey Cooper, the training was designed to enable WEMA staff to recognize physiological stress and safely set up and perform rehab.

Some of the topics covered included medical monitoring, rehab – nutrition, hydration and recovery after strenuous work, using a RAD-57 monitor and overall wellbeing of WEMA staff.

WEMA Lt. Cassandra Page taught the class.

One option Wilson County firefighters have in terms of on-the-job rehab is Rehab 23, a mobile unit dedicated to support first responders from every agency in Wilson County.

Since Rehab 23 started operations in mid-summer 2013, the program’s mobile unit and volunteers have assisted at dozens of emergency scenes across the county to provide first responders with such things as water, cool towels, nourishment and more.

“Rehab 23 is a mobile unit stocked with equipment and supplies to serve as a public safety refuge for first responders who are on the scene of an emergency for multiple hours,” said Linn Yeager, one of the program’s nine board members. “In addition, it serves as the place Wilson County Emergency Management Agency staff can provide necessary medical checks for first responders at the scene.”

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