Bishop recalls London attacks

Xavier Smith • Updated Jun 8, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Heaven’s View Baptist Church Bishop Belita McMurry-Fite recently recalled her experience in London surrounding Saturday’s terrorist attack on the London Bridge. 

Fite said she was in London, England after she received an invitation to preach in a holy convocation. 

“The trip was fantastic. It truly was nothing but church. I really didn’t have much time to go and sightsee, but when I did get a break, we went over to the London Bridge area and ended up being there for a while,” said McMurry-Fite, who said the trip to the bridge was the day before Saturday’s attack. 

She said the same day, authorities evacuated people from a London train station. McMurry-Fite said there might have been suspicion for what would take place the next day. 

The bishop was in London by invitation of Archbishop Ruth Smith and Bishop Danny Bennett for the 2017 Holy Convocation in connection with The Light of the World Covenant International Fellowship. 

“I am the third presiding bishop under Archbishop Ruth W. Smith of The Light Of The World Covenant International Fellowship in Stockbridge, Ga., and I am the State Bishop of Tennessee under the same fellowship,” McMurry-Fite said. “I represented as the state bishop of Tennessee when I went to London.”

McMurry-Fite preached Saturday morning and night and said a local bishop told the congregation he had a feeling that something tragic would happen in London, prompting the group to pray. McMurry-Fite said moments before the church dismissed, she received a text about the attacks. 

“He had me read it to the congregation, which would have been confirmation for what the Lord had given him to say to us,” she said. “We were just minutes away from there. Anyone could have taken a train and been to where we were in 4-12 minutes.”

The London terror attack unfolded around 10 p.m. local time as a van struck several pedestrians on the London Bridge. Three men got out of the vehicle with large knives and attacked people at nearby restaurants and bars in the neighboring Borough Market until police shot and killed the suspects. 

McMurry-Fite said the moments after the attacks were filled with tranquility, chaos and concern. 

“I wasn’t afraid, because I had already spoken to God before going about if this trip wasn’t meant for us to go on, then we wouldn’t. But, if we went, He would keep us safe,” she said. “The fear and terror that was on the face of others, however, put me in more prayer mode.”

McMurry-Fite said police and security presence heavily increased after the attacks, which created a tense environment.

“In the human sense, it is an uneasy position to be in. It’s truly a devastating moment with all of the people around and the cops. You never know who is going to jump out from where or who was going to do what. It was very critical,” she said.

McMurry-Fite and her family safely made it back to the United States, and she gives God the credit. She also said the presence of God is what the world is missing.

“The world certainly needs God. The world needs to exemplify more prayer and love,” she said. “We see a lot of people in the world are God-less.”

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