Lebanon Gasification Plant reaches performance milestone

Matt Masters • Oct 10, 2018 at 6:31 PM

The Lebanon Waste-to-Energy Gasification Plant reached a milestone last week as the plant maintained a 94-percent uptime rate in the last 100 consecutive days.

More than 460,000 kilowatt hours of green electricity was generated during 2,259 operating hours, a success gasification plant officials attributed to teamwork a cooperation between Lebanon and Aries Clean Energy.

The city engaged Aries to provide a solution for the disposal of the city’s bio-solids and generate renewable energy from both bio-solids and wood waste. Aries proposed and built a 32-ton per day downdraft gasification plant that would divert waste wood from the landfill and bio-solids from land application for its fuel.

The plant would generate enough electricity behind the meter to offset a third of the city’s wastewater treatment plant’s energy bill.

“A benchmark like this is additional validation that our patented technology is the best way to reduce disposal costs and produce green electricity behind the meter,” said Aries CEO Greg Bafalis. “Gasification can be a step toward zero landfill goals and a cleaner earth overall.”

Mayor Bernie Ash has expressed support of the plant’s achievements in the past and his pride in the city’s partnership continues with the announcement.

“On behalf of the city of Lebanon, I am proud of this plant’s performance in reaching these milestones,” Ash said. “It’s truly been a team effort combining forces with city

workers, county officials, private business and local companies to make Lebanon a greener, cleaner place in which to live and work. It speaks volumes about Aries’ leadership and support.”

The Aries Clean Energy downdraft gasification system yields waste, energy and emissions benefits for Lebanon, including more than 16 million pounds diverted from landfills each year in wood and bio-solids and more than 5,000 pounds of carbon emissions averted annually.

Aries Clean Energy, based in Franklin, designs and builds innovative downdraft and fluidized bed gasification systems with the use of its eight patents granted to date. Its projects provide for the sustainable disposal of waste, reduction of carbon emissions and the production of clean thermal and electrical energy.

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