Adopted Farmhouse & Coffee Co. opens on Watertown Square

Jared Felkins • Jul 1, 2018 at 8:18 PM

Nestled on the east side of the Watertown Square in between Sally Kyle and Co., which replaced Jim’s Antiques a few months ago, Barrett’s Barber Shop and Dainty Darlin, Adopted Farmhouse & Coffee Co. opened Saturday to the public. 

Ali Smith O’Reel and Austin Floyd co-own and operate the mixed-use business that combines the tastes and smells of a coffee shop with baked treats and the sights of décor, clothing, knick-knacks and other items for sale. 

“She had a coffee shop, and I used to run an online boutique, and we love Watertown, and we really want to see it get built back up,” O’Reel said. “There are so many people who are moving out here now. We wanted to give them a good place for them to go and have coffee, but we also wanted to show off other small businesses. Everything in here is made locally. We don’t have a single thing in here that doesn’t come from a small business.” 

The partnership brought two women together from somewhat unique backgrounds. Floyd currently lives in Alexandria, but she was born and raised in Mt. Juliet. She and her husband have three children and are in the process of adopting a fourth child. She’s worked in the coffee industry since she was 18 years old as a training manager, store manager and coffeehouse owner. She said she loves to travel and go on mission trips. 

“We are very excited, because the brand we are using is from the Well,” Floyd said. “Anyone here locally from Nashville is going to know the Well. They are very well known because all of their proceeds are going back toward building wells in Africa, which is awesome. That is a huge part of our hearts. The money we are making, we want it to go back toward good things. So, we don’t want to be just frivolously spending. We want to make sure we are actually benefitting good things. Not to mention the fact that [the coffee] is fantastic. It comes from very small-batch brewed and roasted. We have a very simple menu, but all of the items are really good, and everything is artisan made.

“The love of coffee and nations are very intertwined. That’s my piece that I’ve got here is the adoption itself, and the coffee is my background.”

O’Reel was born in Lebanon and raised in Gladeville. She graduated from Wilson Central High School and is a stylist at Capella’s Salon and Spa in Mt. Juliet. She’s married with two children, and the family moved to the Tuckers Crossroads community about two years ago. 

“[The coffee] isn’t the only thing that gives back,” O’Reel said. “Our blanket line gives back to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. We have another line that gives back to adoption, so we have a few things and more to come that give back to different ministries and charities in the area.

“I guess our heart here is we want people to come in and just relax. If you want to just have time together or work on anything. We just want it to be a safe place, a comfortable place for people to come.”

Floyd agreed about the space the duo envisioned when they set out to open their business. 

“And we just want it to be very peaceful,” Floyd said. “We’ve had so many people today tell us that it’s so peaceful here, and that’s what we want. We want the atmosphere to be peaceful, that you really do feel at home when you step through our doors, that you want to hang out. This is definitely not somewhere where you will want to come in, grab something and run out the door. This is a space where you will want to come in, sit and be.” 

O’Reel said she and Floyd settled on Watertown as the backdrop for their new business because of the community atmosphere. 

“One thing I love about Watertown, growing up in Gladeville, everyone knew everybody,” O’Reel said. “It has just such a family oriented feel in Gladeville, and that’s exactly how Watertown is. When we came out here, they literally have just welcomed us. We feel like we’ve become part of their family. So, I love that. My family, I’ve learned so much about decorating and giving gifts and style, and I just love that I get to incorporate a little piece of what I’ve learned from them. I also get to incorporate my heart for giving back and for missions. One thing I’ve loved about being a stylist is seeing people’s smile on their face after their hair is done. I love seeing people come in here and just smile, because they have found something they love. My family calls gifts happys, so, to us, we say, ‘Oh, you found yourself a happy.’ I love that. I love that about this.” 

Adopted Farmhouse & Coffee Co. is currently open Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. at 308 Public Square in Watertown. 

“Our hours are subject to change, because if we have people breaking down our doors to get coffee, we will get in here and change our hours,” Floyd said. 

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