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Ann Haney • Updated Jul 10, 2018 at 9:45 AM

Achievement is something everyone strives for but not everyone gets. So why is it some make it while others only dream about it? 

Achievement is planted inwardly before it can be seen outwardly. In the past many years, I have come to learn there are many principles which must be in place to be victorious in all situations. Let me assure you success does not come easy, but it does come to those who put these principles in place in their life. 

The saying, “If you believe it, you can achieve it,” is quite different than the “Name it, claim it” mindset. Believing requires much effort and is the mindset of a realist, however, naming it is more about words than action. Many have great knowledge, but it never meets their hands, while others use their hands to get greater knowledge. 

I have seen many people who had all the answers but never acted upon the advice they gave others. Then again, I have seen others zealous to learn who educated themselves to success and learned as they went. Some of the principles necessary for a successful happy peace-filled life are:

• Education doesn’t create effectiveness, effort does. A good education is never wasted unless it fails to meet effort. However, many fail to apply effort because they feel they lack education. A desire to learn is the key ingredient to beginning the process to winning. Once desire is set in place and effort follows, the sky is the limit, and success is always obtainable. 

• If you don’t know your value you’ll never convince anyone else you’re worth being valued. Think for a moment the impact of this statement. The way you carry yourself, whether withdrawn or confident, will send direct signals to others as to who you are and what you will tolerate. If your value level is low, others will know you don’t expect much, and therefore that’s what you will generally get. If your value level is too high, you may come across as high maintenance and be avoided, as well.   

Be careful not to confuse the purpose of value with that of humility. Humility is knowing you have purpose, but not allowing it to elevate you to a place above others. 

Happiness is not found in trying to make oneself loveable but loving oneself.

Happiness enters when your life is centered on who you were meant to be. If your ability to be loved finds you following a list of guidelines determined by someone else for your life, then you will probably quickly become miserable. Those who truly love you want you to be happy and will encourage you to love yourself for who you are.    

• The best person you can be is yourself. If you have to be somebody else around someone, you don’t need to be around them. The danger in living to please others is eventually you will lose your identity and find yourself continually living in unhappiness and bondage to rules for acceptance. Often, people will appear one way when they are with certain individuals and another way when they are with others. They tend to change their character as much as they change their socks. 

Superficial people are not happy individuals and cannot achieve peace in their lives. They are constantly trying to keep up a certain image. If your social group keeps you living a double life, it is time to separate yourself from it.

A millionaire’s mindset is, “I wake up expecting opportunity, ready to see what steps I can take to better my life day by day and walking through those steps.” 

Those who have this mindset will not wake up one day and just decide to be a millionaire. They will be in daily pursuit of opportunity, expecting achievement and overcoming obstacles. Steadfastness is crucial to reach the top. Setbacks do not mean defeat, but rather re-evaluation and another attempt. Unless the difficult steps of reaching the first level, second level and so on are conquered, the greater heights can never be reached. “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones…” Luke 16:10. 

Ann Haney is a mother to six entrepreneurial minded children, ordained minister, CEO of Aaron Publishing, founder of Ann Haney Ministries and Living In Abundance, nationwide motivational speaker, coupon specialist, empowerment coach and bestselling author of 20 published products, including her books, “Judgment Overruled,” “Exploding Into Successful Entrepreneurship,” “Single Steps In A Married World” and “Changing Your Life Through Couponing Financial Empowerment Series.” Ann Haney’s vision is helping women know the root of their challenge and deliver them from the death grip it holds on their life by surfacing their inner beauty and confidence, helping young people discover their God-given purpose and pursue it with passion, helping men and women learn to use the resources available to them to overcome their circumstances and helping those recovering from life’s choices and challenges receive second chances without condemnation. Contact Ann at ann@annhaney.com to schedule a speaking engagement, individual coaching or view her website for more information at annhaney.com.

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